Bombing Since 1945.

Easy, fast, & Affordable.
Send large amounts of emails to your targets.
Best inbox rate.

Easy, fast, & Affordable.

High inbox rate
Lowest spam rate with over 97% inbox rate.
Cheap bombing
Starting from $0.001 per email.
Fast as fuck
Fastest email bomber in the market.
You pay only for the emails that you send. Not recurring payments. No extra fees.
Credit system
Deposit money to get your credit. You can use this credit to make orders.

Modes & Pricing.

Normal Email Bomber
If you are a fucking pooron that can't even afford the "Real Email Bomber", you can register the email on random sites to spam your targets. Just for $0.001 per email with a good inbox rate.
Real Email Bomber
Yea yea, you heard that right. Not fake shit. You can use real email accounts to spam your targets. Just for $0.01 per email with the best inbox rate.

Answers for your questions.

This website allows users to send a high volume of emails to a specific email address.

Yes, there is a limit to the number of emails that can be sent at once to prevent abuse and maintain server stability.

When an attack is marked as "queued," it is waiting to be processed by one of our servers. This process typically takes a few seconds, but may take longer during periods of high traffic. If you require assistance, please contact our support team.